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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nightmare of Insurance

The insurance nightmare is not over yet.

Yesterday afternoon, I contacted Caremark Specialty Pharmacy and told them I needed to pay for my prescriptions. The guy was really snippy with me and told me representative assigned to my case was going to call me with the cost. He also said I just need to wait for her to call me. I said that our account manager said I needed to call and pay for the medication. He said he did not understand how our account manager would know that information.  I have been told since last Thursday that this person was going to call me.

I received a private message from one of the wonderful bump girls ( and she recommended Endometrin (progesterone), instead of the compound drug. When I heard that word, it jogged my memory. When I spoke with the mail service pharmacy last week, I remembered them saying I had a prescription for Endometrin; however, I did not know that was progesterone and I had them cancel the order (as instructed by the specialty pharmacy).

I e-mailed all this information to my benefits coordinator here at work and she contacted our account manager. Within a few minutes, my representative from the specialty pharmacy called and apologized for all the confusion. She even gave me her direct line and was handle everything from here on out. She is even going to contact my doctor’s office to see if they can change out the compound drug for Endometrin. My prescriptions are going to be delivered tomorrow, with the exception of the progesterone. If my doctor’s office does not confirm the change in prescription today, then they will set up a second delivery for the progesterone. YAY!!! At least I will have my Gonal-F and Orivdel injections at my house tomorrow. I need these two medications for my next appointment with my doctor.

Then, about an hour after I spoke to my representative, another person called me about my prescription. This person said they just received my prescription from my doctor and wanted to set me up for a delivery date. Really???? Well I told her I was already set up and she apologized then said that there systems do not talk to one another. I gave her my representative’s direct number to verify that this was not a duplicate prescription.  


One of my very dear and close friends is ready to deliver her baby any day. I am so excited and happy for her. At least through this process I am learning what it will be like when we finally are pregnant. She also asked me to be in the delivery room with her. I am excited and cannot wait for the baby to be born.

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