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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sort of IF Related

Ever since I started my infertility drugs my eczema has been out of control. I posted a question about eczema and injections on a fertility community board. I received the response that I was expecting, injections will make my eczema worse. I decided I better go to my dermatologist before I start my injections. I have an appointment tomorrow and maybe Dr. McCarty will have some answers for me.

I spoke to my family doctor about my eczema and his nervous about putting me on anything that is not over the counter. Dr. Horner is worried about me being pregnant and on steroids, even if it is topical. I am hoping Dr. McCarty will have a solution because this eczema is killing me.

We will probably start injections next week. I will be posting more once we start our injection round.  

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