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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dazed and Confused

My fertility monitor is still reading high today; however, my temperature is above my cover line (second day). Usually by now, I received a peak day and my fertility monitor would read low. I have a feelings this month is not going to be a success, because of all the odd things that are happening. Yesterday I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Barnett in Frisco. If you want to know more about him, here is his website I like Dr. Barnett and I am excited to see his point of view on everything that has been happening.

The last two days have been very hard on me, Mark, and my family. I am thankful for the support of my friends and family. I try very hard not to let myself get down about this, but some time it is hard not to. I cried again several times yesterday, out of frustration of not knowing what is happening to me. I keep turning to God for answers. God has given me a peace that we will have a baby, I just do not know when or by what means (either giving birth or through adoption).

Several people have questioned me on why we are proceeding forward or why do we not just relax. Would you tell this to a person with cancer or any other illness? Infertility is a medical condition and I will do what it takes to overcome it. I am a fighter and when I am knocked down, I get back up. Sometimes I want to sit and cry before I get up, but I always get back up. God is giving me the grace and the strengthen to move forward. As long as I have a peace about our choices, I am going to keep moving forward. I trust God and I have faith he will direct us in the right path.

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